With every Retail Sale we include a 3 Month Warranty through Autoprotect Free of Charge

If your commercial vehicle goes wrong it’s inconvenient, aggravating and potentially costly.
With over 1,000 parts in a modern vehicle, the costs of repairs soon mount up.
Commercial Protect is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including labour, VAT and replacement parts.

We would always recommend considering the extended options, which give you cover on the listed mechanical parts, (please see the leaflet document on this page)

Both inclusive 3 months and extended warranties are provided through Autoprotect.
If You have a mechanical problem, you can take your vehicle to Any approved Nationwide Garage throughout the UK, subject to approval from Autoprotect.

Please ensure you have prior authorisation, or speak to us for any help.


  • Level 1 – Listed parts covered
  • Level 2 – Extended parts covered
  • Level 3 – All Mechanical and Electrical

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All Mechanical / Electrical Component Cover* & National Breakdown Recovery

Level Three

Eligibility: *Maximum 10 Years and 150,000 Miles

  • All Mechanical and All Electrical Components (unless specifically excluded)
  • Parts, Labour and VAT
  • Unlimited Number of Claims
  • Turbo / Supercharger

All plans are plus VAT @ 20%

Any vehicle over 2000cc 20% up lift


Coverage 6 Months 12 Months 24 Months
Claim Limit £2,000 £2,000 £2,000
Level 3 £299 £399 £699
Commercial Front Cover - Matt Lock Commercials Ltd



If your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure we will send help to the scene of the breakdown and arrange to pay call out fees, mileage charges and up to one hours’ labour needed to repair or assist with the vehicle.

If your vehicle suffers a breakdown, this includes running out of fuel, help will be sent to the scene of the breakdown and we will pay call out fees and mileage charges needed to repair or assist with the vehicle. If, in the opinion of the Recovery Operator, they are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside the Recovery Controller will assist in the following way:

  • Arrange for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be recovered to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair, or;
  • If the above is not possible at the time of the breakdown they will arrange for your vehicle, you and up to five passengers to be transported to your home address or original destination.


We will despatch one of our Recovery Operators to your base address or within a one mile radius. If a repair is not possible we will transport your vehicle to the nearest repairing garage.


If your vehicle breaks down and your trailer is attached, providing it is fitted with a standard towing hitch, your trailer will be recovered with your vehicle at no extra cost.


If you require, we will gladly pass on two messages to your home or office to let them know of your predicament and ease your worry.

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*This information is for promotional purposes only. It is not advisory and does not demonstrate the full terms and conditions of the product.

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